Building Code

As stated in the City of Franklin City Council Ordinance Number 1989-36:

Building rules of the Indiana Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission as set out in the articles of Title 675 of the Indiana Administrative Code are hereby incorporated by reference in this code and shall include later amendments to those Articles as the same are published in the Indiana Register or the Indiana Administrative Code, with effective dates as fixed therein.

The Indiana Administrative Code - Title 675 Fire Prevention & Building Safety Commission can be viewed at the State of Indiana web site, or directly by clicking HERE.

In the City of Franklin, the Building Official is charge with administering and enforcing all provisions of the building code.  If you have questions regarding provisions or applicability of the code, contact a Building Official at the Department of Planning, (317) 736-3631.

If you have questions regarding fire codes and inspections, contact the Fire Inspector at the City of Franklin Fire Headquarters, (317) 736-3650.