Criminal Investigations

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CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS DIVISION: Detectives are assigned to work all types of cases, but are individually trained in certain areas of specialization.

CHIEF INVESTIGATOR - Lt. Scott Summers: Responsible for all general and special investigations and coordinates the activities of the detectives.  He is responsible for  5 detectives and 2 special investigators.

SPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS UNIT: Primary duties are to investigate narcotics.

MAJOR CASE SQUAD: Combined effort of the Indiana State Police, Johnson County Sheriff's Department, Greenwood Police and Franklin Police Department. Applying task force principles used in major investigations such as the Kelly Eckart investigation, a combined effort has been made to pool the best resources for solving serious crimes. Detectives from each agency will combine resources and assets to submit the best case possible for prosecution.

FORENSIC LABORATORY: Facility designed to aid investigators with critical leads pertaining to forensic evidence. The evidence technician is responsible for processing the crime scene. This includes documenting, collecting, processing, preserving and storing all evidence collected. In addition, the evidence technician performs some forensic testing of evidence and may be required to testify in court.


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