Sidewalk Replacement Program

Franklin Voluntary Sidewalk Replacement Program



In August 2009, Ordinance No. 09-10 establishing a program for the repair and replacement of sidewalks within the public ways of the City of Franklin. The ordinance allows for sidewalk projects.


Owners of real property under a voluntary arrangement. Owners request for the sidewalk replacement and will be responsible to pay for the material cost . Sidewalk replacement will generally occur in the order in which property owners submit payment to the City.  Variations in the order may occur due to severity of sidewalk damage or proximity to other sidewalks also being replaced.


Special Case: Owner financed project.  Owners of real property may repair and replace sidewalk at the owners sole expense, with prior consent and in accordance with the technical and structural requirements of the City of Franklin.


During sidewalk replacement the City will attempt to minimize all damage to adjoining properties and improvements and will attempt to repair all related utilities, sidewalk, curbing and pavement improvements. However, with any construction project there will be some items that will be beyond the abilities of the City to repair. As a result the adjoining grass, sidewalks, trees, or other private and public improvements may become damaged. The project will include final grade, seed, and mulch all disturbed areas for the purpose of establishing grassed areas disturbed during the construction.  The property owner will be responsible for any repairs to the any adjoining landscaped areas, retaining walls, private improvements as well as any needed watering to insure adequate turf growth. It will be likely that any trees located near the sidewalk will have varying amounts of root damage that could result in the ultimate loss of trees. Property owners are required to release the City of Franklin from any loss of trees or landscaping improvements. Any tree that ultimately dies within the City right-of-way will be removed by the City. Any tree that ultimately dies on private property will be the responsibility of the owner to remove or replace.