Vacation of an Alley or Public Way

Any person who owns a lot in the City of Franklin and wishes to vacate all or part of a public way contiguous to that lot may file a petition for vacation with the City of Franklin per the requirements of IC 36-7-3-12. This portion of Indiana Code establishes that petitioners for public way vacation must make a request to the City Council, which must act on it within 30 days of introduction.

The City of Franklin has established a procedure by which the petitioner is assisted with the development of their request by the Planning Department and the Board of Public Works and Safety. This process is outlined in the petition for the vacation of a public way packet, located on the Applications, Meeting Agendas, & Fees page. The petitioner will be responsible for providing any easements, etc. that may be required for the continued operation of public utilities that maintain facilities in the public way.