Municipal Code Enforcement

Tall Weeds & Trash

If a property has weeds and/or high grass over 9 inches in height, the City has an ordinance that remedies these situations.  The "Unkempt Property Ordinance" sets forth the process for the Planning Department to follow in order to get property owners to maintain their property.  A Notice of Violation is issued to the property owner either by mail and/or a tag posted on the property at the time of inspection, giving the property owner five (5) days to mow the grass/weeds.  If after five (5) days the property owner has not done the required maintenance, the Street Department will mow the grass/weeds and charge the property owner a minimum of $200.

If trash is left on a property, the City will follow the above procedure and charge the property owner for its removal.

If you have questions regarding the City of Franklin's "unkempt property ordinance" or would like to report a violation of this ordinance, please contact the Department of Planning & Economic Development at (317) 736-3631.

Abandoned/Junk Vehicles, Demolition Cars & Residential Parking Standards

In the case of a junk vehicle, the City Municipal Code and City Ordinance gives the enforcement power to the police department.  NOTE: the current version of the municipal code pertaining to abandoned and junk vehicles has been updated through City Common Council Ordinance 05-22. The language within Ordinance 05-22 supersedes the Municipal Code.
If a vehicle is mechanically inoperable, the vehicle must be removed from the property.  It is a violation of the Municipal Code for any person to park a motor vehicle without current license plates or in an inoperable condition on private or public property unless stored inside a closed structure out of public view.  All vehicles parked on a public street must be licensed.  If the police department tags a vehicle, it must be removed from the property within 72 hours.  If it is not, the vehicle will be towed and the owner will be charged. 

In no instance shall any vehicles be stored or parked in any front yard.  Temporary parking of vehicles in driveways accessed from the street and passing through the front yard are exempt from this requirement.  Some subdivisions have covenants and restrictions that pertain to how vehicles may be parked and/or stored.  The city does not enforce covenants, that is solely enforced by the neighborhood homeowners association.

Ordinance 05-22 reads as follows:

1)    Adoption of Indiana Code 9-13-2 et seq. and 9-22-1 et seq.  This ordinance specifically adopts the provisions of the Indiana Code 9-13-2 et seq. and 9-22-1 et seq., as periodically amended.


2)    Disposition of Abandoned Vehicles and/or Parts Valued of Less than $500.00:  The market value of an abandoned vehicle and/or part below which an officer of the Police Department may dispose of the vehicle and/or parts is Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00).


3)    Demolition Derby Cars: Vehicles in an operable condition specifically adapted or constructed for exclusive operation on privately owned raceways, or parts thereof, shall not be stored on private or public property unless stored inside a closed structure out of public view.  Demolition derby cars that are scheduled to participate in the Johnson County Fair are exempt from this provision for a three-week period beginning seven (7) days prior to the start of the Johnson County Fair and ending seven days subsequent to the end of the Johnson County Fair.


4)    Junk Cars: It shall be unlawful for any person to park a motor vehicle without current license plates or in an inoperable condition on private or public property unless stored inside a closed structure out of public view.

If you would like to report any of the above violations please call the City of Franklin Police Department at 317.736.5111 (non-emergency dispatch) or the City of Franklin Planning Department at 317.736.3631.

Unsafe Structures

Unsafe Structures are handled by the Building Official.  If a structure is not properly secured or looks to have structural damage please notify the Planning Department immediately.  The Building Official will inspect the structure and determine what course of action needs to be taken.

Boats & Recreational Vehicles

Boats and RV's should not be stored on the street or in any front yard (this includes driveways).  The front yard is considered the area from the front building line of the house to the street.  Boats and RV's can be stored in side and rear yards but they must be parked a minimum of three feet from all property lines.  Most subdivisions will regulate where boats and RV's can be stored in their covenants and restrictions.  The planning department enforces this municipal code, however the police department has the authority to issue tickets for boats and RV's that are incorrectly parked.

Animal Control

The City of Franklin is under the jurisdiction of the Johnson County Animal Control Office.  If you have problems with loose or stray animals, or would like to find information regarding the adoption of animals in Johnson County, please contact the Johnson County Animal Control Office at 317.736.3924.

Please click here to view the full City of Franklin Municipal Code.