Building Inspections


When calling for an inspection, you must provide the permit number, lot number, the name of the subdivision and street address.  A control number will be issued when an inspection is properly scheduled.  (Retain this control number for you records - this number will allow the Department of Planning & Engineering to track the inspection through our scheduling system.  It also provides reference for any scheduling changes that may need to be made.)

An inspection will not be scheduled unless the permit number is given at the time you request the inspection.

Permits MUST be posted on all job sites, and once windows are installed, the permit must be placed in a window, visible from the street.

An inspection will not be made if the permit is not accessible to the inspector.  Furthermore, a re-inspection fee of $50.00 will be charged when an inspector must return to the job site more than once for any single type of inspection.  A re-inspection fee of $100.00 will be charged for the third visit and a re-inspection fee of $200.00 will be charged for four or more visits.


Inspection Schedule
All building inspections must be scheduled with the Department of Planning & Engineering at least one (1) business day before the inspection is to be conducted.  Inspections will not be scheduled for more than five (5) days in advance.  Footing inspections can be scheduled for a set time, but all other types of inspections are scheduled by the day.  The following is a list of required inspections for construction projects within the City of Franklin.

FOOTING: The footing inspection must be completed after the trench is dug, but BEFORE concrete is poured.
UNDERSLAB: The underslab inspection must be completed after all the plumbing, electrical, and / or HVAC has been roughed but BEFORE the slab is poured.
ROUGH-IN: This inspection includes structural, electrical, and plumbing.  The inspection should take place after the roof, interior framing, exterior framing, plumbing lines are installed, all electrical boxes are set and wire is set BEFORE drywall and insulation is installed.
INSULATION: BEFORE drywall is hung.
FINAL: After all improvements have been installed, but BEFORE occupancy of the structure.

For sewer connection inspections, call Rick Littleton, Superintendent of the Department of Public Works at 317.736.3640