FedEx – UPS – USPS: Please call 317-736-3631 for signatures.  We will come to the front door.


Permits - Submittals:

  • Application & Submittals
    • Place all items in a green folder.
    • Place folder in white banker box.
  • Pick up/Payment
    • Place check in envelope.
    • Provide email address and project name on envelope.
    • Place envelope in black mailbox on exterior of the building labeled “DROP BOX”.
    • We will email a copy of the receipt and permit once we process.


            Building Codes: – David Parsley

            Building Permits: – Alex Getchell

            Sign Permits: – Alex Getchell

            Buffer Zone: – Alex Getchell

            Right-of-way Permits: – Jim Farr

            Engineering: – Mark Richards

            Planning: – Joanna Myers

            Code Enforcement: – Dave Walters