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Board of Public Works & Safety Agenda

July 15, 2019 at 05:00 PM

City Hall  (view map)
70 E. Monroe St
Franklin, IN 46131


  1. Call to Order and Roll Call

  2. Pledge of Allegiance

  3. Announcements, Presentations & Public Comments

  4. Consent Agenda
    1. Approval of Minutes for July 1, 2019
      Documents: Board of Works Minutes 07/01/19

    2. Approval of Claims

  5. Old Business
    1. Request to Change S. Water St. between Wayne St. & Monroe St. to One-Way Heading North with Parking on both sides of the Street - Tabled from Previous Meeting - Anita Sickels Ward
      Documents: Reservation Form & Information

    2. Request Police Escort and Road Closure for Block Between Madison and Jefferson Street on August 3rd for RAMS Charity Ride - Tabled from previous meeting
      Documents: Reservation Form & Event Information

    3. Request to Allow a Mirror Tile Covered Sculpture that Protrudes 8 - 10' into the Artcraft Alley, and to String Lights & Metal Pennants made by Custer Baker 5th Graders Across the Alley 10-25' and have Planters Placed in the Alley Outside of the Lighted Bollards - Community Development Specialist Rhoni Oliver for Discover Downtown Franklin
      Documents: Reservation Form

  6. New Business
    1. Request Dismissal of Code Compliance Fine - City Attorney Lynn Gray
      Documents: Reservation Form & Information

    2. Request to Update House Count for Solid Waste & Recycling Service - Ray's Trash Service - Zac Johnson
      Documents: Reservation Form

    3. Request to Accept Bid & send out Notice of Award for Chemical Phosphorus Removal & UV System Replacement - Monte Gardner, Wessler Engineering
      Documents: Notice of Award, Bid Evaluation

    4. Request to Add Street Light at 1290 Greenbriar Way - Senior Planner Joanna Myers
      Documents: Outdoor Lighting Service Agreement - Map

    5. Request Approval of LPA Consultant Contract for Inspection of the South Main Street Reconstruction Project - City Engineer Mark Richards
      Documents: LPA Consultant Contract

    6. Request Approval of Transfer of Real Property in Accordance with Indiana Code 36-1-11-5 Public Hearing Required - City Engineer Mark Richards
      Documents: Pulic Notice; Parcel Exhibit; Purchase Order

    7. Request Approval of Change Order 2 for the Arvin Road/Hurricane Road/Eastview Drive Roundabout Project
      Documents: Change Order #2

    8. Request Approval of Professional Services Agreement with Strand Associates for Design of Storm Sewer Replacement near 699 Graham St. - City Engineer Mark Richards
      Documents: Professional Service Agreement

    9. Request Approval of Supplement No. 1 to Professional Services Agreement with CrossRoad Engineers for Inspection of Forsythe St. Project - City Engineer Mark Richards
      Documents: Supplement #1 to Professional Services Agreement; Fee Proposal

  7. Other Business
    1. Request to File Liens on Unkempt Property
      Documents: Property Addresses

  8. Department Reports

  9. Adjournment

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if anyone wishes to attend the public meeting on the above referenced matter and is in need of reasonable accommodations in order to attend, hear, or present evidence at the public meeting on this matter, for accommodations contact the Mayor's Office 70 E. Monroe Street Franklin, IN 46131 317-736-3602.