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Technical Review Committee

October 25, 2018 at 02:00 PM

City Hall  (view map)
70 E. Monroe St
Franklin, IN 46131


The Technical Review Committee will meet at City Hall in the Council Chambers (first floor) to review the following:

  1. PC 2018-32 (SPR): Quality Mill Parking Lot
    Applicant: Force Design, Inc.
    Location: 2151 Early Lane
    Zoning: IL (Industrial: Light) & GW-OL (Gateway Overlay)
    Request: Site plan review
    Documents: PC 2018-32 Construction Plans | PC 2018-32 Drainage Report

  2. PC 2018-33 (R): Bastin Logan Rezoning
    Applicant: Bastin Logan Water Services, Inc.
    Location: 1050 N. Hurricane Road (Lot 2 - Bastin Logan Subdivision)
    Zoning: IG (Industrial: General)
    Request: Rezone to IBD (Industrial: Business Development)
    Documents: PC 2018-33 Rezoning Exhibit

  3. PC 2018-34 (SPR): Indoor Training Center - Legends Golf Course
    (PC 2018-21 Withdrawn)
    Applicant: Jim Morse
    Location: 2555 N. Hurricane Road
    Zoning: PUD (Planned Unit Development)
    Request: Site plan review
    Documents: PC 2018-34 Construction Plans | PC 2018-34 Drainage Report

  4. PC 2018-35 (SPR): Luxury Apartments at Youngs Creek
    Applicant: Indiana Masonic Home - Compass Park
    Location: 690 State Street
    Zoning: PUD (Planned Unit Development)
    Request: Site plan review
    Documents: PC 2018-35 Construction Plans | PC 2018-35 Drainage Report

  5. PC 2018-36 (PP): Heritage South
    Applicant: Arbor Homes
    Location: West side of Hurricane Road and immediately south of Heritage Subdivision
    Zoning: PUD (Planned Unit Development)
    Request: Primary Plat
    Documents: PC 2018-36 Primary Plat | PC 2018-36 Drainage Report