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Technical Review Committee

July 21, 2022 at 02:00 PM

City Hall  (view map)
70 E. Monroe St
Franklin, IN 46131


The Technical Review Committee will meet in the Council Chambers (first floor) to review the following:

  1. PC 2022-24 (SPR): B2S Life Sciences Courtyard
    Applicant: Holeman Landscape
    Location: 97 E. Monroe Street
    Zoning: MXD (Mixed Use: Downtown Center)
    Request: Site Plan Review
    Documents: PC 2022-24 Construction Plans | PC 2022-24 Drainage Report N/A

  2. PC 2022-26 (SPR): Franklin Animal Clinic Expansion
    Applicant: Alderson Commercial Group
    Location: 2990 N. Morton Street
    Zoning: MXC (Mixed Use: Community Center) & GW-OL (Gateway Overlay)
    Request: Site Plan Review
    Documents: PC 2022-26 Project Summary | PC 2022-26 Construction Plans | PC 2022-26 Drainage Report | PC 2022-26 Building Elevations

  3. PC 2022-27 (SPR): Johnson County Animal Shelter Expansion
    Applicant: Johnson County Animal Shelter
    Location: 2160 N. Graham Road
    Zoning: IL (Industrial: Light)
    Request: Site Plan Review
    Documents: PC 2022-27 Construction Plans | PC 2022-27 Photometric Plans | PC 2022-27 Drainage Report | PC 2008-04 Original Drainage Report