Plan Commission Members

The membership of the Franklin City Plan Commission consists of eleven (11) members, who are appointed as follows:

  • One (1) member appointed by the City legislative body from its membership
  • One (1) member appointed by the Park Board from its membership
  • One (1) member or designated representative appointed by the City Works Board
  • The City Civil Engineer or a qualified assistant appointed by the City Civil Engineer
  • Five (5) citizen members, of whom no more than three (3) may be of the same political party, appointed by the City Executive (Mayor)
  • Two (2) citizen members representing unincorporated land within the "buffer zone", appointed by the Johnson County Commissioners

The Commission Membership for 2013, is as follows:

Term Expires:

Jim Martin, President

Appointed by Board of Public Works & Safety 12-31-2013
Kevin McElyea, Vice President
Appointed by Mayor 12-31-2013
Suzanne Findley, Secretary Appointed by Mayor 12-31-2015
Chris Phillips Appointed by City Engineer 12-31-2013
Debra Swinehamer
Appointed by Mayor
Tim Holmes Appointed by Johnson County Commissioners 12-31-2013
Joe Abban
City Council Member Appointed by City Council 12-31-2013
Pam Ault
Park Board Member Appointed by the Park Board 12-31-2013
Georganna Haltom
Appointed by Mayor 12-31-2014
Diane Gragg Appointed by Johnson County Commissioners 12-31-2015
Steve Davis
Appointed by Mayor 12-31-2015