Police Merit Commission

POLICE MERIT COMMISSION: Established, by city ordinance, in 1992. Commissioners were selected and began business in 1993. Two commissioners are appointed by the mayor, two are elected by the officers of the police department, and one is selected by the city council. Of the commissioners selected by the mayor and the police officers, one must be a Republican and one must be a Democrat.
The commissioners are charged, both by city ordinance and by state statute, with the responsibilities of selecting new officers for the department, and presiding over specific disciplinary proceedings. The commission's authority in disciplinary matters ranges from reprimand to termination. Additionally, the commissioners are responsible for developing, implementing and overseeing promotional processes.
  • John Shafer, President, Republican, City Council Appointment
  • Annette Sivels, Democrat, Officer's Appointment
  • Joey Hollis, Republican, Officer's Appointment
  • Jeremy Fisk, Democrat, Mayoral Appointment
  • Kyle Kasting, Republican, Mayoral Appointment
  • William Barrett, Commission Attorney
*Commissioners meet on the first Tuesday of each month.

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